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Ty Ford Offers Audio ‘Boot Camp’

'Good location audio is not brain surgery'

In an ideal world, audio quality would be the top consideration of any location or remote broadcast but in practice it isn’t always at the top of the list. The excuses vary: time, money, the location, etc. …

But sometimes improving audio quality is just a matter of a little extra knowledge and some practice. To facilitate this, Renaissance Man and frequent Radio World contributor Ty Ford is conducting another of his Audio Boot Camp Workshops in February in Baltimore, MD. Video professionals working with audio are a key audience, but topics may also be of interest to radio, online and other users.

While no pushups or 20-mile hikes with full gear are expected, Sgt. Ty does expect recruits to know the basics and bring much of their own equipment. Space is limited so that each participant can receive expert and loving attention.

To quote Ford: “Good location audio is not brain surgery. It doesn’t require an engineering degree.”