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UberStations Joins the Streamers

Recommendation engine scans live radio streams

UberStations founder Michael Robertson says the platform represents “the love child of Pandora and TuneIn.”

As the company describes it, with a single interface, users can navigate thousands of FM and AM radio stations — both talk and music and similar to TuneIn but there’s a recommendation engine, similar to Pandora, working behind the scenes.

Robertson adds that UberStations functions like an interactive TV guide for online radio, giving listings for currently playing songs and programs across the spectrum.

New users will initially see a comprehensive list of FM and AM stations in their area, and based on what they choose to play, UberStations will recommend up to 20 new stations with relevant songs or programming. 

“Remember when you had to scan through each TV channel to find something to watch because there was no interactive guide?” said Robertson. “That’s how radio still is today, but UberStations changes that by giving users a comprehensive real-time guide to songs and shows that are playing across the entire radio world all of which play in a uniform experience.”

A video overview is here.