U.K. Company Offers Software Profanity Delay

U.K. Company Offers Software Profanity Delay
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Stations that can't put their hands on one of the established profanity delays may want to check out a newcomer to the scene. "Arse!" is the name of profanity delay software for Windows PCs. It is offered by MDO UK. The software runs on a PC with a sound card, and has up to 30 seconds of delay available.
Features include mouse controls or keyboard hotkeys that can be assigned to any function; a delay that can be built by playing a jingle or promo from within the software, or by using one of two algorithms to create the delay over a period of a few minutes; Drop or Wipe delays that allow editing of the live program and start rebuilding the delay.
Retail price is approximately $970; the unit can be ordered online in USB or parallel port dongle versions. Info: www.profanitydelay.com