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UK: Digital Radio Heard by 57 Percent of Population

30 million people listen to radio digitally on a weekly basis

Rajar released the results on its 2016 first quarter study on radio listening, which showed that 57% of the adult population (over 15) in the United Kingdom is listening to digital radio (DAB, DTV, online) weekly. The actual estimated figure, according to Rajar, is 30 million people tuning in to radio programs through a digitally enabled receiver.

That same number, 30 million, is what Rajar reports as the total number of adults who claim to own a DAB radio, up 14% year-on-year. According to the report, DAB leads in the total digital listening hours, with an estimated 310 million hours on a weekly basis. DAB also leads in the share of all digital radio listening, comprising 30.9% of the total 44.1% of listening done through a digital platform; DTV earned 5.4%, while 7.8% listened online or through an app.

In addition, radio listening is up via mobile phone and tablets. Rajar reports that 25% of adults say they listen to radio on their mobile phones or tablets at least once a month, up 14% year-on-year. The 15- to 24-age group does so even more, with 37% reporting they listen through their phone or tablet, a 7% increase.

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