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Under Haley, RAB Switches to Monthly Dollar Amounts

Under Haley, RAB Switches to Monthly Dollar Amounts

The Radio Advertising Bureau said it will now give its quarterly U.S. radio revenue reports using dollar amounts.
In the past, the monthly numbers have been given as percentages; RW and other trade media have reported them that way.
RAB said monthly percentages will continue to be available on its Web site, with quarterly revenue results released to wide distribution in both percentage and dollar figures.
Why the shift?
“The change to the reporting method and schedule is being instituted to provide more disclosure of the actual data, allow for more meaningful analysis of emerging trends and be in line with the majority of media revenue reporting practices and schedules,” RAB stated.
New President/CEO Jeff Haley said in the announcement, “We are in a fast-changing media environment and too often short-term variances in business month-to-month have not provided a proper perspective on where radio is headed.”
Quarterly reporting, he said, “will stabilize the perspective on radio revenue. Disclosure of the dollar amounts will align radio with the other media’s reporting practices and demonstrate the industry’s position as a formidable player in the wireless media arena.”