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Univision Chooses Mediascape

Will use traffic platform across 69 stations

Univision Radio has committed to using the Mediascape traffic platform, “integrating it across its 69 stations in the United States,” the supplier stated. The promised benefits: increased efficiencies and more ability to turn corporate data and operations into revenue .

Marketron CEO Jeff Haley said in the announcement that the companies have had a relationship for almost three decades.

Univision Radio will use the Insight Reporting capability “to standardize data, create more visibility and provide consistent cross-platform reporting across markets.”

It will incorporate Triton Digital functionality to track digital streaming; and it will replace its client notification technology with Marketron’s Proof of Performance services.

“By adopting the open platform, Univision Radio will standardize operations across the organization, its networks and stations, saving significant expenses and strengthening its relationships with advertisers and partners,” Marketron stated.

Marketron is owned by the Wicks Group, which is also the parent of Radio World publisher NewBay Media.