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Updated Digigram Cards Operate at 3.3 V

Updated Digigram Cards Operate at 3.3 V

In an effort to make its sound cards compliant with the next generation of PCI bus, Digigram is shipping four updated cards that operate at the 3.3 Volts standard.
The PCI Special Interest Group has set the 3.3 V standard as part of the newest set of rules, PCI 2.2, governing PCI cards. According to the PCI-SIG, Digigram said, migration to 3.3 V is keeping pace with the industry’s migration to 3.3 Volt technologies and the need for higher performance within the system.
High-end and mobile environments implement 3.3 V signaling rather than 5 V, and Digigram said the trend is expected to continue on to the workstation and desktop level.
Its new cards are the PCX822v2, PCX442, LCM440v2 and VX822. The following cards will be discontinued as of September 1: PCX822np, PCX440np, LCM440 and VX820.
According to Philippe Delacroix, managing director of Digigram, “the updated cards offer equivalent, and in some cases better, performance than the previous cards.” He further assures that every effort has been made to ensure compatibility with existing applications.
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