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Upton Gains Support For Raising Indecency Fines

Upton Gains Support For Raising Indecency Fines

Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., chairman of the House telecommunications subcommittee, has bipartisan support for his recently introduced “Broadcast Decency Act of 2004.” The measure would raise the maximum fine for a single broadcast indecency violation to $275,000. Repeat offenders could be fined up to $3 million.
The current top fine is $27,500. FCC Chairman Michael Powell last week encouraged his fellow commissioners to re-visit a decision not to fine NBC TV over an expletive uttered during an awards show.
“This legislation will significantly strengthen the FCC’s hand in punishing those who peddle indecent and obscene material over our airwaves,” Upton stated.
Upton plans to hold a hearing on broadcast indecency Jan. 28.