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U.S. Elections Boost Net News/Talk

U.S. Elections Boost Net News/Talk

News/talk/information dominated Arbitron’s just released November top 25 Webcast ratings.

November’s No. 1 channel, WABC(AM) audience grew almost 40 percent, with 370,000 aggregate tuning hours. Arbitron defines ATH as the sum total of all hours that listeners tune to a given channel.

Other news/talk/information Webcast channels ranked in the top 25 were Seattle-based KVI(AM), (Fisher Broadcasting), which ranked number four with 219,600 ATH; San Francisco-based KSFO(AM), (ABC Radio Networks),which ranked number eight with 177,000 ATH; Dallas-based WBAP(AM), (ABC), ranked number 11 with 171,300 ATH; Chicago-based WLS(AM), (ABC), ranked at number 17 with 149,900 ATH and San Francisco-based KGO(AM), (ABC), ranked at number 23 with 121,600 ATH.

Second in the November ratings was Virgin Radio, Richard Branson’s hot adult contemporary station streamed from England, with 237,000 ATH.

Classical stations KING(FM) and NetRadio’s “Quiet Classics” channel held the third and ninth slots. Many analysts believe Internet classical stations are prominent in Internet radio ratings because they are accessed while users are at work.

Arbitron reported that NetRadio, always prominent in Arbitron’s Webcast ratings, suffered “technical streaming server issues,” that created a gap in NetRadio’s “raw tuning information” for half last November, the month measured. The result is reflected in the apparent decline in reported listening in NetRadio channels.

To view the complete report, visit and click on the “Election Boosts News/Talk Webcast Channels” headline on Arbitron’s homepage.