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U.S. Proposes Untethering Martí from Government

Congress would need to approve the change

Radio and TV Martí could become independent of the U.S. government if a plan proposed by the White House passes Congress.

The change is part of the federal budget proposal, and if approved, would come as part of the U.S. attempt to restore diplomatic relations with the island nation, Reuters reports.

Martí is part of the U.S. overseas civilian broadcasting operation governed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is an independent federal agency. Separating Martí from the BBG would officially make it not part of the U.S. government anymore, according to the account.

A BBG spokeswoman told Reuters that the idea is to give Martí more flexibility in contracting, acquisitions and administration by separating it from regulations that regulate the federal government.

Martí was created to bring democratic news to people living under communism in Cuba and is resented by those leaders.

Congress would need to approve the change, however several congressional sources told Reuters they don’t see that happening. Critics see the plan as abandoning the fight against communism in Cuba.