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User Report: Digilink Fills the Bill at WNKR

Kentucky broadcaster upgrades to HD and is happy

User Reports are unpaid testimonials by users who have already purchased gear. A Radio World Product Evaluation, by contrast, is a freelance article by a paid reviewer who typically receives a demo loaner.

DRY RIDGE, Ky. — At WNKR(FM)/Classic Country 106.7, we had used Arrakis Systems Digilink free for the past 18 years at this station and it worked great.

Last year we chose to stream our music live on our website, and knew we needed some Digilink updates that went along with it. One thing we required was metadata, to give our online listeners the ability to see the song titles and the artists that were being played. We knew it was time for an upgrade.

Since we had loved Arrakis’ automation product before, we knew where to look first. We chose to use Digilink HD to replace our old system.

While installing the new DHD system we ran into quite a few learning curves that we had not encountered before, which is normal when adding newer software. Anytime there were questions or any issues, we would contact Arrakis Systems. They would walk us through how to use the software, what things we could do to better use our equipment and helpful tips along the way.

Arrakis support has been on our side from Day One. I spoke with Melissa and Lonna; it is refreshing to be able to call in and know who you will be speaking with every time. They treated me and my staff like friends and were there to help when in need — something you normally do not find in customer support departments.

They also provide video tutorials on their website that give us tips, tricks and things you didn’t even think about while using their system.

With the new DHD system my station has been able to voice-track entire air shifts days in advance, stream live music and it operates better than any of us had anticipated. Also, any issues that have come up have been resolved within days of speaking with the Arrakis support team.

This system is beyond user-friendly. With our old automation system there would be times when I had wished the software could do things differently and be more versatile in certain areas of the automation and operations; there were limitations in what the software could and could not do. As soon as we started using the DHD systems, it was like all those little things that I had wished we could do in the past became a reality.

I am very happy with the way the Digilink HD system works. This system is solid and works way better than our old system. It’s a system that is practical, logical and just makes sense. The GUI has everything you need, exactly where you think it needs to be. I would recommend using this system to any radio station.

For information, contact Ben Palmer at Arrakis Systems in Colorado at (970) 461-0730 or visit