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User Report: JK Audio Phone Systems Keep It Simple

Owner says he’s not an engineer but is confident using and configuring system

The JK Audio Guest Module GM2X6 control surface is visible to the right of the console at the author’s studio. OXNARD, Calif. — I have produced radio talk shows since 1996 on KUNX 1520 AM and will be doing so on the Internet soon (and online TV as well). I currently produce “Hablando Claro.”

Three years ago, I decided to work in a more efficient manner. We could save time and money by building our own studio in our offices, rather than using a third-party studio every day.

I reviewed product catalogs from equipment retailers, such as BSW. More importantly, I attended the 2012 NAB Show where I could personally view and test phone systems from many manufacturers. I could also talk personally with the manufacturer to discuss my needs and options for our talk show.

At the show, I was able to demo the JK Audio Concierge system and supporting equipment. I saw how easy it was to connect and configure it for our show. I could see that more lines could be added when I needed them. In fact, we recently added lines.

We bought the Concierge switcher matrix, innkeeper 1x digital hybrid and a Guest Module GM2X6 control surface. All have proven to be very functional. We can answer calls automatically, put them on hold directly from the audio console, put them in conference, change from one line to another with a simple push of a button, or make calls from the same keyboard. I like the design of the guest module control surface very much — it’s modern, compact and ergonomic, so I can control everything.

I have also been pleased with the innkeeper’s automatic gain control. It automatically adjusts the caller volume to an average level, whether it has to lower them or boost them. No more caller-level surprises. It also has a “presence” button that gets a richer sound from the caller’s voice when we need it.

It came with auto-answer that answers on the first ring and disconnects at the end of the call.

Though our system has three pieces, allowing us to modify one without having to replace everything, the total cost was competitive. It has also proven to be functional and practical. I’m not an engineer but I feel confident that I can install new pieces or move it and reinstall it if needed.

In modern times it is difficult to keep up with the rapid technological advances. One pleasing thing that JK Audio does is keep our system updated with improvements via quick and easy Internet installation. These hands-free updates keep our system working at its peak so I don’t have to think about replacing it.

When I return to the NAB Show this spring I’ll see what new equipment JK Audio has. They have worked fine by me.

For information, contact Joe Klinger at JK Audio in Illinois at (815) 786-2929 or