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User Report: The Radio People Like AudioVault

Group puts six stations on BE’s AudioVault

User Reports are unpaid testimonials by users who have already purchased gear. A Radio World Product Evaluation, by contrast, is a freelance article by a paid reviewer who typically receives a demo loaner.

MONROE, La. — I’m excited to share my thoughts about Broadcast Electronics’ AudioVault Flex 10.40 and its integration of the MusicMaster scheduling suite.

In a high-paced, multitasking environment, like we have at The Radio people — KRVV(FM), KMVX(FM), KRJO(AM), KJLO(FM), KLIP(FM) and KMLB(AM/FM) — I am always looking for tools to both improve the operation of our radio stations and streamline things at the same time if possible.

The latest version of AudioVault now has full integration with MusicMaster scheduling software. In addition to overseeing IT, I directly program three of our radio stations. AudioVault and MusicMaster have our stations sounding better than ever and save me some time too.

It’s nice that when I put a new cut in the AudioVault that it automatically populates in the proper MusicMaster dataset ready for me to add my final codes to it. In AudioVault I now have the ability to find a replacement for a scheduled song while still following my MusicMaster rules. If an hour is short, an operator can find a suggestion of a song to play that also fits the programming rules of MusicMaster.

Even better is the fact that there is a have real-time reconciliation between the two. If someone replaced a song with, say, a request from a listener, that song goes back to the top of the stack for its category. That means it’s available for the next day’s schedule or even future replacements or suggestions in the same day. I am getting the best music rotations I have ever gotten on my stations because of this real time reconciliation.

AudioVault Flex 10.40 also introduced a new satellite interface with Perfect Timing and Auto Fill. Now my breaks come out perfect every time and you can even setup Auto Fill to be able to talk to MusicMaster to get a song to fill a satellite program. That’s useful in syndicated morning shows with large local breaks that are sometimes filled with music. It’s just a nice level of protection that takes care of you if somehow a song wasn’t scheduled in the log or was inadvertently missing from the system.

I am extremely pleased with both programs. They have streamlined my workflow, while improving the sound of my radio stations. AudioVault Flex 10.40 plus MusicMaster is the perfect combination of automation and music scheduling.

For information, contact Jeff Wilson (Western U.S.) or Don Backus (Eastern U.S.) at Broadcast Electronics in Illinois at (217) 224-9600 or visit