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USRN Settles With AccuWeather, Westwood One

USRN Settles With AccuWeather, Westwood One

A legal battle is over between United Stations Radio Networks, on one hand, and AccuWeather and Westwood One on the other.
The companies reached an out-of-court settlement, the terms of which were not disclosed, according to a statement.
“The parties have signed a joint settlement agreement and have settled their legal actions and resolved all issues between them,” according to the statement. “The parties have agreed that they will make no other statements regarding the terms of this settlement.”
USRN, founded by Dick Clark and Nick Verbitsky, had been AccuWeather’s sales rep to radio until the weather programming supplier ended the relationship and switched to Westwood One. In late 2003, USRN filed suit.
One part of the legal dispute had been decided earlier; in February, AccuWeather said a federal court had dismissed a $10 million defamation count filed against it by USRN, having to do with statements made by AccuWeather in explaining the change to its customers.