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V3.0 for Optimod-FM 8400 Is Out; Free Download Available

V3.0 for Optimod-FM 8400 Is Out; Free Download Available

Orban has released Version 3.0 software for the Optimod-FM 8400 processor. It ships with new units and is available as a free download for existing users.
A highlight of this version, Orban says, are a batch of “Gregg” presets and a control that lets the user switch the band 1/2 multiband crossover frequency between 100 and 200 Hz. This lets the processor emulate the bass of the Gregg Labs 2540 analog FM processor, which Greg Ogonowski produced in the 1980s. He is now Orban’s VP of new product development.
The software also supports Orban’s 8400HD FM, an add-on or upgrade that provides multiple outputs to drive the Ibiquity HD FM exciter’s analog and digital transmission inputs.
“Each output’s processing is optimized for the channel it is driving, resulting in highest subjective quality on both the analog and digital channels,” Orban states. The digital channel output is also suitable for Webcasts and Eureka-147. Info: