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VA Action Helps Engineers With SBE Certification

VA Action Helps Engineers With SBE Certification

Are you a military veteran and a broadcast engineer? You may be able to receive reimbursement for your SBE certification costs. The society’s certification committee said it has received an OK from the Department of Veterans Affairs recognizing most levels of SBE certification as educational opportunities, and therefore suitable for reimbursement.
For tests taken after March 1, 2001, the VA added a license or certification reimbursement benefit to the G.I. Bill. This benefit helps veterans obtain the necessary certification to show competency in an area of skill.
“Many military electronics technicians look at careers in communications and broadcasting after discharge,” SBE stated. “This program provides a financial means for veterans to obtain the recognition they deserve to secure a technical career in broadcasting and electronic media.”
Chriss Scherer, chairman of the committee, said the SBE’s certification director, Linda Baun, “saw the application and approval process through completion and deserves the credit for making this happen.”
The program is available for the following certification levels: CBT, CBRE, CBTE, CSRE, CSTE, CPBE, CBNT and CTO. There are other requirements. For details contact the national SBE office. Info: