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Vatican Radio Chooses SureStream for AoIP Transport

Silver Stream-In and –Out prevent lost packets

Radio Vaticana has deployed IP audio codecs incorporating SureStream technology from APT, part of WorldCast Systems.

The codecs enable the transfer of audio from the main studio in Rome to a DAB transmission site in Milan.

Radio Vaticana had previously been interested in using IP for audio delivery but was discouraged from doing so because of the quality problems caused by continual packet loss, says the company. For a time, the broadcaster relied on expensive leased lines for audio transport.

Through APT’s Italian distributor, Radio Vaticana switched to APT’s SureStream technology, which enables broadcast-quality audio transport over the public Internet. SureStream is based on redundant streaming and utilizes technologies to fight lost or delayed packets and ensure reliable content delivery.

Radio Vaticana’s technical team performed a series of tests to assess the performance of SureStream on its network. For hardware, the broadcaster selected the Silver Stream-In encoder and Stream-Out decoder. Silver Stream-In was used to send the audio from a studio in Rome to the Silver Stream-Out installed at the Milan transmitter site.

“Through the control screen on the unit’s web browser, we were able to monitor the performance of the IP streams,” said Radio Vaticana’s technical team. “We could see that the line was continually suffering from lost packets, but SureStream’s advanced resequencer ensured that the audio output always remained perfect.”