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VCS Aids BBC’s ‘Project Coyopa’

dira! system used to improve audio quality of BBC Radio online streams

As part of Project Coyopa, which is designed to improve the audio quality of BBC Radio online streams, the BBC implemented an innovative solution from VCS for automatically capturing and preparing radio programs for use online.

Under Project Coyopa, all output of the BBC Radio national feeds are reengineered to support multiple formats and bitrates for use on the Web and via the BBC iPlayer.

The VCS solution is based on the modular dira! software system used by broadcasters for program production and playout, together with add-ons developed specifically for the project. The entire process of data preparation for webcasts is managed automatically.

The VCS system is responsible for centrally processing all national BBC Radio network program for live streaming, on-demand streaming and downloads. The upstream dira! scheduling software integrates with the BBC’s radio scheduling systems so that the online schedule aligns with the traditional broadcast schedule.

The dira! solution offers server-based functionalities for editing content in order to speed up the process of adapting programs for the various distribution channels.

An essential part of the system is its management of Internet rights. Sections of programs that are subject to rights restrictions are withheld, and listeners to the live stream hear an announcement instead.