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Vectracom to Digitize RTS’ Radio Archive

More than 80,000 hours of audio will be transferred to digital files

Media preservation and valorization services provider Vetracom

has been tapped to digitize a large part of Radio Télévision Suisse’s audio archive.

More than 80,000 hours of audio, representing the recordings produced by RTS from 1951 –2001, will be transferred from open reel tapes to digital files over four years.

Vectracom will provide end-to-end services from logistics, ingest, mass parallelized digitization with eight channels, automatic supervision and quality control process to final delivery of BWF files embedding media and metadata, it says.

According to the company, spoken content will be converted to 48 kHz/24 bits and musical production to 96 kHz/24 bits, while all files will comply with IASA recommendations.

To meet this, Vectracom will use digital encoders from Weiss, as well as control all steps of the project under the Vectracom workflow manager. Vectracom will also share the conditions of the eight ingest channels online with RTS, the firm added.

The process of digitizing the files is currently underway.

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