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Vegas Monorail Opening Date Uncertain

Vegas Monorail Opening Date Uncertain

The Las Vegas monorail may not open in time for the spring NAB convention. According to the Las Vegas Sun, testing continues on the system. Officials still need to perform a continuous 30-day test to see how the equipment would operate in a disaster. If that test is successful, the system could open in April, according to a Clark County official.
NAB hopes to bring 130,000 to Vegas for its spring show. Spokesman Dennis Wharton told the Sun, “We had plans in place in case the monorail didn’t open to have just as many buses ready to go to aid in the transport of the crowds. We had hoped that it would be open, but we’ll be OK either way.”
The Las Vegas Monorail Co., the nonprofit company that owns the $650 million system, has experienced several delays to opening the system. On Feb. 18, high winds tore sheet metal roofing panels from a structure and hit the monorail line, shorting out the electrical system, according to the report.