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Verbal Abuse Case Started With Call to Station

Verbal Abuse Case Started With Call to Station

Imagine you work as a jock at a radio station. The phone rings, you pick it up and you hear a voice yelling and a child wailing in the background.
That’s what happened in Decatur, Ga., according to an Associated Press story carried by CNN. An employee at the radio station in question, WALR(FM), taped the call and it was turned it over to police.
Now a 55-year-old Georgia woman has been sentenced to six years of probation for making threats to her 13-year-old granddaughter. She pleaded guilty to child cruelty in the incident, which happened in late 2002.
“On the tape, the woman called the girl names and threatened to beat her. She said she hated her and told her she should have been left in a foster home,” AP reported. It also quoted a prosecutor saying the woman probably will regain custody of the teenager and two other grandchildren.