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VeriCorder Sets Up Mobile Journalism Project for Olympics

Promotes app as a way to gather and distribute news using a smart phone

VeriCorder Technology is promoting a set of programs for the iPhone that it says can replace complex systems and equipment needed to report news on site.

Tying this to the Olympics, the Canadian company is offering trial software, training and hardware to journalists, students and bloggers covering sporting and news events around the Games. “The package allows reporters and bloggers to quickly record and edit audio, video, and still images, and easily edit them into stories for a Web site, newspaper, radio or television station,” it stated.

VeriCorder introduced this “MoJo Revolution” in coordination with the Digital Media and Wireless Association of BC. The organizations are offering 200 free ShowCase multimedia software licenses, training and hardware. The manufacturer said journalism students and professional reporters will use the system for recording, editing and filing stories on the Web, in streaming audio and video. The idea “is to create a news or media network, based entirely on a mobile platform; in this case an iPhone. A group of reporters will be unleashed on the Olympic Games, equipped with VeriCorder software and hardware on the iPhone. They will create their multimedia stories on the iPhone, submit their stories wirelessly, and VeriCorder’s platform software will submit them to a live-streaming video site.”

It said it is working with journalism schools at the University of Missouri, Fanshawe College, Langara College, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and the BC Institute of Technology. “The result of the MoJo experiment will then be the subject of research papers by students, and submitted at the National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow in Las Vegas in April.”

A demo copy of the iPhone-based software is available by e-mailing [email protected].

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