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Verizon, Retail, Dot-Coms Top National Ad Buys

Verizon, Retail, Dot-Coms Top National Ad Buys

Wireless phone company Verizon bought the most national radio ads in 2000, and retail and dot-com categories were the two highest-spending industries. So says Interep in a new study.
Retail and dot-coms spent nearly $397 million and more than $500 million respectively in radio last year.
Of the top 25 national radio advertisers, 17 increased dollars allocated to radio ads compared to 1999. The same number of companies also increased the percentage of the national advertising budget allocated to radio.
“Advertisers’ decisions to allocate an increasing percentage of their media budgets to radio is the best testament to the medium’s marketing effectiveness,” says Debbie Durben, the president of the Interep Marketing Group. “We are particularly proud of the progress that we are making in the packaged goods and pharmaceutical categories, areas that have typically under-utilized our medium.”
The top advertising categories for 2000 were retail, dot-coms, media, and automotive. The top individual advertisers were Verizon, AT&T, National Amusements (Blockbuster, Paramount), and Time-Warner.