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Version 4.2 of iMediaTouch on Display

NAB Sneak Peek: OMT also offers new Remote Voice Tracking Portal

OMT Technologies will promote Version 4.2 of iMediaTouch.

New features include support for Windows 7, new “quick links” to a variety of social networking sites, an auto duck feature for Liner EOM adjust, a new audio library blade in On-Air, a retooled library screen in Log tools, new Info and Backsell tabs added to voice tracking and a new “wildcard feature” in iMediaImport to allow for hundreds of downloadable audio elements from external FTP sites using simple id3 tagging.

Also look for the iMediaTouch Remote Voice Tracking Portal, a new product that replaces the RVT server. OMT says, “It dramatically simplifies and streamlines our current Remote Voice Tracking process.”

The VTP software removes the requirement for the Remote Voice Tracking user to add their IP address to the WAN Remote section of the On-Air workstation settings. This also removes the requirement for the On-Air application to be restarted after making a configuration change.

NAB Show Booth: C3320