VH1 Radio Network Plans Oct. 1 Launch

VH1 Radio Network Plans Oct. 1 Launch
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Westwood One and VH1 plan to launch the VH1 radio network on Oct. 1.
VH1 will offer both hot AC and rock formats to WWO affiliates. Show prep, audio cuts, music news and information as well access to a library of current and archived "Behind the Music" programs customized for radio broadcasts will be offered.
"Stations are clamoring to gain access to VH1's brand, content and access to talent. Westwood One is proud to join forces with VH1," said Joel Hollander, WWO President/CEO.


IBS Launches Internet Radio Network

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System has launched an Internet radio network aimed at student radio with supplier Backbone Networks Corp. A proof-of-concept pilot project involving 25 schools starts this month.