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Video Shows SSBSC at Work

Omnia posts drive-around sample from Paul Shulins

Omnia Audio has posted a video in support of its proposed method of using single-sideband suppressed transmission in FM stereo broadcasting.

“The intention here is to see if SSBSC will reduce the effects of multipath within the coverage area of the broadcast signal,” the processing company wrote in its post accompanying the YouTube video, which is shown below. “Our proposed method is fully compatible with existing radio receivers.”

Omnia said Greater Media performed on-air testing in Boston to compare the legacy DSBSC system vs. the proposed SSBSC alternative for FM stereo. Chief Engineer Paul Shulins drove a multipath-heavy route within the coverage area of 106.7 MHz.

“He did something which further validates the testing: He ran video from the dashboard of his car, and captured the audio,” Omnia stated. “This validates the location of the captured off-air audio.”

There are two videos, each about 30 seconds. “They are taken from the exact same points along the route. The first one, dated Nov. 15, 2011, is of the standard DSBSC stereo system, and the other one is taken the next day on Nov. 16, 2011, using the SSBSC method.”

Omnia concludes: “What you’ll observe here is not an isolated case, but the first, we know of, where someone took the time to present an easy way to compare the difference between the two stereo transmission systems.”

Omnia’s Frank Foti is scheduled to present a paper on this topic on the Sunday of the NAB Show.

Project to Cut Multipath Progresses (Aug. 2011)