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Virtual ‘Town Hall’ Meeting Will Address EAS

No ‘summit’ this year; instead state and national broadcasters are coordinating an online education campaign

Expect to hear a lot more from national and state broadcasting leaders in coming weeks and months about the “next-generation” Emergency Alert System.

The National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations and the National Association of Broadcasters will do an “outreach campaign” to educate broadcasters on the many issues. The EAS “summit” of past years, in which alerting leaders convene in person, won’t take place.

First up is a live online “town hall” on Feb. 3 that you can attend for free.

Participants will include Damon Penn of FEMA and James Barnett of the FCC, both of whom are deeply involved in EAS, the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and the newly adopted Common Alerting Protocol.

Other video presentations and webinars are planned discussing the national EAS test and funding sources for CAP-compliant gear. The next one is Thursday March 10 and explores the commission’s Part 11 rulemaking proceeding.

The webinar will be available at and posted in archive form a few days later.

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