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VO Artist Billy Moore Falls Silent

VO Artist Billy Moore Falls Silent

Former L.A. radio personality and voiceover artist Billy Moore passed away on Aug. 4 in Englewood, Fla.
Moore served as the station imaging voice of numerous radio and television stations and concerts since the 1970s. Originally from Chattanooga, Tenn., he worked at various radio stations in New Orleans, Jacksonville, Fla., and Omaha, Neb. before moving on to California’s KMEN(AM) to pursue acting.
His voice was discovered after he began doing station promos, and later became part of the “Boss Radio” format engineered by radio consultants Drake-Chenault. He also ran Billy Moore Productions and is credited as the first voice talent at Indianapolis-based Sunshine Promotions, now Tour Design.
Moore settled in Zionsville, Ind. in the 1980s and continued to image stations and provide narrations for companies and his Moore-on-Hold automated telephone voice prompts. His health continued to deteriorate after moving to Florida in 2000, where his former wife cared for him until his passing. He was 62.
Information on funeral arrangements may be found as it becomes available on his website at