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VOA and RFA Increase Shortwave Broadcasts to Tibet

They’ve upped the schedule by four hours daily.

U.S. international broadcasters said they’re increasing programming to Tibet.

They’ve upped the schedule by four hours daily. James Glassman, chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, cited the “violent crackdown by Chinese authorities in Tibet.”

“Our audience clearly will benefit from these trustworthy sources of news and information, which differ sharply from Chinese government sanctioned broadcasts,” he stated.

Radio Free Asia broadcasts eight hours daily to Tibet via shortwave; VOA broadcasts four hours daily. Each will expand radio programs by two additional hours daily. VOA also will double its weekly Tibetan-language television programming to two hours via satellite.

The organization said its research via Tibetan refugees in Nepal, indicates that VOA and RFA “are among the most well-known foreign broadcasters and an important source of information in a society where word of mouth is the top way to share news.”