VOA Touts New Anglophone Africa Programs

VOA Touts New Anglophone Africa Programs
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The English to Africa Service of VOA this weekend launches a new lineup for African listeners. The organization said listeners will now receive more in-depth news, breaking news reports and a broader range of features including social and political issues, developments in science and technology, African youth, lifestyle and music.
Enhancements include more broadcasts of the program "Daybreak Africa" paired with "World News Now," a 30-minute news package. "Africa News Tonight" will air feature segments examining developments in science, the environment, lifestyle and culture and business. "Nightline Africa" will include a weekly roundup of African news during its weekend magazine show.
VOA said it also has tweaked its music lineup and expanded its discussion shows.
VOA's English to Africa broadcasts target "Anglophone Africa" using shortwave, TV, the Internet and 40 affiliates including seven FM stations.