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Vogt Proclaims “Transformative” Year

CEO of Imagine/GatesAir: "We are living in a mobile-enabled world"

“Expect more consolidation and sub-scale failure in the industry.”

That’s one part of the forecast from Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications and GatesAir, who thinks these trends offer opportunities to his company. He sent a marketing email to customers marking his first year in that position, and he described the year as “transformative” for the former Harris Broadcast.

“What should you expect to see in the coming year for Imagine Communications and GatesAir? Expect to see more innovation across our media, playout, networking and over-the-air solutions that is aligned with our IP-enabled, software-defined, cloud-virtualized, mobile technology vision,” he wrote. “And expect to see incremental innovation in the areas of Content Anywhere and on Any Device, Advanced Advertising and Media Orchestration.”

His email included discussion of trends in broadcast, though he did not mention radio specifically. Vogt said he thinks creators of content, broadcasters and multichannel video programing distributors “will align and partner with market-leading technology suppliers,” and that this would benefit Imagine Communications and GatesAir. He also wrote: “We are living in a mobile-enabled world, and video is increasingly becoming the center of all that we do.”

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