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Voice of Russia Plans DRM Expansion

Voice of Russia Plans DRM Expansion

At the Digital Radio Mondiale consortium’s first board meetings in Russia, Voice of Russia said it has implemented DRM broadcasts and plans to expand them.
Voice of Russia transmits DRM broadcasts in Russian, English, German and French toward Europe, using a shortwave transmitter in Taldom, Russia, operated by RTRN’s Moscow Regional Centre, and an AM transmitter 603 kHz in Zehlendorf, Germany, operated by DRM member T-Systems International Media&Broadcast.
The AM transmitter, made by DRM member Telefunken, has been modified to send the VOR signals in analog and DRM formats.
VOR will expand its reach within and beyond Europe in the near future, using additional transmitters that have been adapted for DRM. This network includes a second shortwave transmitter operated by the Moscow Regional Centre, a shortwave transmitter in Irkutsk, a shortwave transmitter in Khabarovsk, and a T-Systems International AM transmitter, built by Telefunken, in Wachenbrunn, Germany.
DRM Chairman Peter Senger stated, “Now that Voice of Russia has pioneered the adaptation of existing transmitter networks for DRM usage, the doors are open for internal Russian broadcasts as well. DRM is well-suited to broadcasting across large countries, providing excellent audio quality and reception even over huge distances.”
BBC World Service, a DRM member, sends DRM pilots on shortwave into Russia on a daily basis. These Russian-language broadcasts are sent from Rampisham, England, using a transmitter operated by DRM member VT Communications.