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VoxPro PC 3.3 Due in August

VoxPro PC 3.3 Due in August

Audion Labs will release version 3.3 of its VoxPro PC voice editing software line next month.
The upgrade allows for gain increase for selected audio for one or both tracks; compatibility with most sound cards; MP3 import and export of multiple files using the LAME encoder/decoder; streamlined administrative features; and faster access to file-containing folders.
Users also will notice master recordings displayed in the current user account, regardless of where associated edits reside. Gain control volume adjustments are featured in 1dB increments for a maximum of +/-24 dB on either or both channels.
This version deletes cancelled recordings, and stores the most recent 25 deleted files in the deleted file folder, with older files automatically deleted as newer ones move in.
VoxPro PC 3.2 software upgrades are available free within one year of registration.