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VPR Ships Hand-Cranked Radios to Mississippi

VPR Ships Hand-Cranked Radios to Mississippi

Vermont Public Radio shipped a box of Grundig hand-cranked radios to the Madison County Mississippi Sheriff’s Department.
According to PD Jody Evans the enclosed letter said:
“This may be a strange offering, but as radio producers, news reporters and broadcasters, we know how much a lifeline having a working radio in a powerless home or shelter can be.” Each radio was accompanied by a handwritten note from a staff member at VPR.
This Friday, VPR will join other broadcasters in an effort promoted by NAB, airing a day-long fundraiser to benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. VPR is donating the costs of conducting and coordinating the on-air appeal. VPR and other noncoms received a waiver from the FCC for its rules banning noncoms from fundraising for other non-profit organizations.