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V-Soft Features AM-Pro

V-Soft Features AM-Pro

Software-based tools for broadcasters continue to become more powerful. V-Soft Communications is offering its AM-Pro program. It plots FCC coverage and interference contours and performs full groundwave and skywave AM allocation studies.
“We believe strongly enough in the ultimate vitality of the AM band to have spent the last two years in the development of a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, high-quality AM coverage/interference mapping and allocations tool,” said President Doug Vernier.
Also new is the Pattern Workshop. This program creates professional-looking directional antenna azimuth graphs and tables for FCC submissions. It contains an antenna combiner that allows combining the patterns of antennae oriented at various azimuths and polarity, and contains a multifunctional pattern editor that allows features including point-and-click editing and mouse-controlled rotation.