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V-Soft Goes With the Repacking Flow

New data sets affect Probe 4 program

RF measurement and analysis software developer V-Soft has released news concerning its Probe 4 signal mapping program and the television channel repacking scheme.

The company notes that the Federal Communications Commission is using a new TV interference modeler, TVStudy. “This new software implements the same OET-69 model that is used in the commission’s previous software, however there are differences in the data and how some computations are performed,” V-Soft says in a release.

It says that a significant change is the use of 30-meter resolution terrain data.

In response, V-Soft has made modifications in Probe 4 (v. 4.65) to compensate for the new model. It has made a guide that explains the differences in the new FCC program. That guide can be found here.

To keep up with the times, V-Soft has created a new 30-meter data set (U.S, Canada and Mexico) for use with Probe 4. The company says the new set should match that in TVStudy and also run much faster than the older default set. More on that here.

To get the new data set: “This data set, containing high resolution 30 meter terrain data for all of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is available from V-Soft for $2,950. A subset of the dataset, broken down to include a single country, is available for $2,250. Deeply discounted upgrade pricing is available for those who already own the older 30-meter data.”