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V-Soft Has Updated 03 Arc-Second Terrain Database

V-Soft Has Updated 03 Arc-Second Terrain Database

V-Soft Communications said it has released a new, more-accurate 03 arc-second terrain database in an effort to improve the existing U.S. Geological Survey 03 arc-second terrain elevation database.
The company said this change will improve the accuracy of FCC, Longley-Rice and path profile analysis.
“The new 03 arc-second database was derived from the latest release of the USGS National Elevation Dataset 30 meter data, the most accurate terrain dataset currently available,” it stated.
It said the old USGS dataset has numerous inaccuracies because it was digitized using individual topographical maps at a 1:250,000 scale. “The new USGS NED 30-meter dataset was produced in a seamless raster format with the most accurate terrain elevation information available.”
V-Soft Communications’ implementation uses every third point to create what it calls the most accurate 03 second terrain elevation database to date.
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