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WAER Goes HD Radio

WAER Goes HD Radio

WAER(FM), Syracuse, N.Y. has gone IBOC. PD/Operations Director Ron Ockert reports the Syracuse University 50 kW licensee is using split-level combining of the analog and digital signals, using its current CCA analog transmitter and a Harris Z12HDS 2.6 kW digital transmitter.
The jazz-formatted non-com plans to multicast its digital signal “in a few months” Ockert told RW Online.
Chief Engineer Nick Marasco and Harris contract engineer Dan Carpolo did the install and turned on the digital juice this Saturday, Dec. 17.
“It seems that the biggest issue was getting all the equipment to fit inside our transmitter cage” to accomplish a stable signal, said Ockert.
On its Web site, the station tells listeners it’s working on its digital transmitter, which may cause some “brief audio interruptions and some loss of signal over the next few days.”
The station is promoting HD Radio on-air; other plans to promote the switch are still under discussion.