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Wall Street Journal Takes a Look at Google’s ‘Rare Flop’

How 'radio tripped up Google'

“Google misjudged the capacity of its technology to work beyond the Web, and underestimated the human side of the business.”

The Wall Street Journal provides its perspective on what happened with Google and radio in a front-page story Tuesday.

“The radio venture was relatively small for Google, and the company remains an overwhelming success in the ad game: It sells about one-third of all online ads in the U.S., by dollar amount. But its rare flop in radio has larger implications.”

Much of the information in the Journal story is familiar to RW readers, but it provides additional analysis of what Google hoped to do, how its plans were received within the ad agency community and what eventually happened (as well as some personal notes that might make Google execs cringe including, oddly, one about Chad Steelberg wrestling a shark on the beach).

Read it here.