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Wanna Buy a CP? FCC Plans Another Auction

147 FM construction permits go on the block

Want to build an FM in Oklahoma? Texas? Colorado? Hawaii? Prefer Class A? C1? C2? C3?

The FCC plans to auction off 147 FM construction permits next March. The list includes broadcast opportunities in places like Palmer, Alaska; Coosada, Ala.; Coachella and Waterford, Calif.; Daytona Beach Shores, Fla.; Ferrysburg, Mich.; and Lawrence Park, Pa.

Auction 91 will include 37 CPs that were offered but not sold in an earlier auction. The vacant FM allotments for which CPs are offered are listed here. Minimum upfront payments and opening bids range from $1,000 to $100,000. The commission will conduct the auction over the Internet; phone bidding will be available.

Note, though, that in releasing details of the planned auction, the Wireless Telecommunications and Media Bureaus also put out a call for comment on their auction procedures.

They plan to auction these CPs using the simultaneous multiple-round auction format, which offers every CP for bid at the same time and consists of successive bidding rounds in which bidders may place bids on individual permits. The bidding remains open on all permits until bidding stops on every CP.

The auction details are here. Comments are due Oct. 13, reply comments Oct. 27. Refer to AU Docket No. 10-183.