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Warren Bruene Passes Away

Developer of the Bruene Coupler, Collins designer

Warren Bruene passed away Sept. 28, at the age of 96 in Richardson, Texas.

Bruene was born on an Iowa farm on Nov. 1, 1916. He was involved in many aspects of engineering, notably the designer of the Bruene Coupler and a Collins Radio design engineer. See this for info on the Bruene Coupler. See this and this for some of his work at Collins.

Here Bruene is credited with major Collins development work.

Bruene, W5OLY, was very active in ham radio for decades and was a noted writer on the subject. Here is his obituary at ARRL. It credits him with 22 patents.

Besides writing on amateur radio, Bruene was the author of many technical articles on RF technologies as well. Search “Warren Bruene” for much more on his legacy.

Here is one obituary. It credits him with serving on committees writing regulations and standards for the Dept. of Defense and the FCC.

Here are pictures of Bruene and his wife, Mildred.

Here is his obituary at the Restland Funeral Home. There is a remembrance page. He was buried today.