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Waves Updates MaxxStream

Waves Updates MaxxStream

Waves Ltd. said it is improving its MaxxStream streaming products with models M100 and M200.
MaxxStream integrates audio encoding supporting multiple formats and bit rates with audio capture, processing, archiving and transmission.
The new systems feature faster CPUs are more robust.
The M200 is a 2RU unit that supports a Pentium III Tualatin processor running at 1.2 GHz over 133 MHz Front Side Bus allowing 10 or more concurrent heavy-load streams at consistent performance. It accepts four DSP cards to receive four discrete stereo or eight mono audio feeds, processing and encoding each to two to three individual streams.
The M100 is housed in a 1RU chassis supporting a Pentium III CPU running at 1 GHz over 133 MHz Front Side Bus, allowing eight or more concurrent heavy-load streams. It can be installed with two DSP cards to receive two discrete stereo or four mono audio feeds, encoding each to four individual streams.