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WAXX Trying to Return to Regular Dial Position by Tuesday

Station on temporary dial spot after being displaced in tower collapse

When the tall tower serving WEAU(TV) in Wisconsin fell during a storm this week, WAXX(FM) was displaced, too.

Photos courtesy Jon Zecherle Normally WAXX broadcasts on 104.5 MHz, but is now broadcasting from 92.9 FM, as RW reported earlier. That’s the usual home for sister station WECL. WAXX is also streaming its signal on the web at

WAXX owner Maverick Media is working to restore the station to its normal frequency and power level quickly. VP/GM George Roberts said the station could return to 104.5 FM by Tuesday, weather permitting, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram reported.

“I’m literally having a transmitter trucked here from Nova Scotia,” Roberts said, noting the company is planning to broadcast using a TV tower behind its office in Altoona, according to the account.

Nautel confirmed to Radio World it has an NV5 FM transmitter on its way. A spokesman said the unit is on a truck with two drivers who will drive around the clock this weekend to get the transmitter to Eau Claire.

Maverick Media also is trying to secure rental tower space on other towers in the area in an effort to duplicate the coverage of the fallen 1,998-foot tower, reported the Leader-Telegram and WQOW(TV), Eau Claire, Wis.

“WAXX 104.5’s coverage area will be filled by multiple transmitters, multiple antennas and multiple towers until WAXX 104.5’s substantial coverage area is as close to its normal coverage area as is physically possible,” Roberts told WQOW.

Roberts credited the engineering community for their efforts. “They all pull together to get the signal back on the air. I think that’s pretty magical,” WQOW reported.

Photos of the fallen structure shown here were sent to Radio World by Jon Zecherle.

— Leslie Stimson