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WBUR Debuts on Google Glass

GM Charlie Kravetz calls wearable devices emerging tech

WBUR(FM), Boston, says it’s the first public radio station to debut on Google Glass, the wearable technology available on eye glasses.

“Glass allows for an audio stream experience while you’re doing something else — walking, biking or otherwise on the move — with voice control and simple tap commands,” said John Davidow, executive editor, New Media, WBUR.

The station, licensed to Boston University, sees Glass as an emerging platform that radio can tap. “We’re always studying consumer behavior when it comes to how people listen to and enjoy WBUR and NPR content. We wanted to be at the forefront of this emerging arena, planting a firm foothold in wearable devices, where we know consumer interest and technology is headed,” said WBUR GM Charlie Kravetz.

Built by Brookline, Mass.-based developer Lucas Baran, WBUR’s Glassware allows users to listen to WBUR’s live stream via Wi-Fi and from their smartphone’s Internet connection via Bluetooth.

WBUR was one of six NPR stations that developed the NPR One audio app that debuted this summer; the app connects listeners to a curated, local stream of public radio news and information.