WCCM Is Back on the Air

New Hampshire AM had been taken down by tree
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"Station knocked off the air" seems to be a frequent refrain these days.

Salem, N.H. talk station WCCM(AM) was knocked off the air Feb. 25 when winds up to 90 mph knocked a tree over , taking with it electrical lines and a pole leading to WCCM's transmission site. Several other radio and TV stations in the region were damaged or went dark during the weather onslaught.

Repair crews discovered that the main electrical service junction had been pulled out of the building in the disruption. The station was back on-air Wednesday March 3 and is operating at full power.

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Also damaged was some processing equipment but the transmission equipment escaped damage.

Gary Hammond, chief engineer, said: "This is certainly the worst situation for our station to be in. This community relies on us for service, especially during times like these. It is our duty to get back on the air with emergency information as soon as possible and broadcast important notices during this state of emergency."