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Web Stations Build Marketing Group

Web Stations Build Marketing Group

A collective of several Internet radio stations has formed a marketing group in order to try and convince ad agencies and rep firms that Internet radio has the same “reach” as traditional radio.
Formats these stations represent include: Classical, Jazz, Oldies, Adult Alternative, Blues, Acoustic, Folk, Rock and more. The network targets the
25 to 54 year old demographic, and claims to reach hundreds of thousands of affluent and educated professionals.
“The biggest strength of Internet radio is its unprecedented ability to
reach listeners in the workplace at their computers,” states the Internet Radio Marketing Group in describing its purpose. “When it comes to upscale Adults, the Internet dominates weekday media consumption. Over 70% of Internet radio listening is done during weekday work hours, according to data published by Arbitron,” states the group.
“We believe that Internet Radio needs to be recognized as another form of radio, much in the same way that cable television has been accepted as an extension of the television industry,” says Ron Rubin of Boomer Radio.