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Wells Fargo Raises Political Ad Spending Estimates

Radio projections slightly up for political season

At least one Wall Street analyst is forecasting a small bump in political ad spending on radio stations.

Wells Fargo Securities now expects radio to sell some $270 million in political ads this fall, up from an initial forecast of $256 million.

The total political ad buy for radio remains projected at 5.2%, according to Wells Fargo Securities Senior Analyst Marci Ryvicker. That’s behind television at 65%, direct mail at 18% and Internet at 6%.

Wells Fargo raised television’s projected share of the political ad buy to $3.37 billion in 2012, up from the previous $3.2 billion.

She tells clients that Hurricane Isaac is unlikely to have much of an impact financially on the public companies it watches. While Isaac’s path and timing were similar to Katrina’s, its effects are likely to be much less severe with overall better preparedness of the region, according to Ryvicker.

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