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Westwood One and Veritone Media Launch Audio Platform

Cloud-based tool captures and tags content and live read endorsements

Westwood One has launched a cloud-based audio platform in partnership with Veritone Media, aimed at sales and programming teams at Westwood One affiliate stations. The platform captures and tags content so a user, such as an advertiser, can go back and search for live-read endorsements, brand mentions and ads.

“The platform was specifically architected to fully empower the entire organization with near real-time intelligence, from sales and programming to administration,” said Ryan Steelberg in an announcement, president of Veritone Media. Westwood One COO Charles Steinhauer was quoted saying the partnership will allow Westwood One’s affiliates the ability to make voiced reads for advertisers, in-program interviews, commercial audio, and native brand mentions searchable.

The product, referred to as “Veritone…powered by Westwood One,” works as a dashboard linked to a station’s programming. The platform converts the captured audio to text and provides audience metrics, as well. According to the product announcement, the platform can extend its abilities to social media.