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Westwood One, SoundHound Want to Make Radio Clickable

SoundHound for Radio identifies music for interactive marketing

Radio programming syndicator and services provider Westwood One and sound recognition and search technology company SoundHound Inc., have partnered on a mobile device ad platform designed to give radio stations the ability to interact with listeners, brands and advertisers.

SoundHound has been downloaded by more than 100 million U.S. radio listeners, who identify music from radio using the app. Through the new SoundHound for Radio platform, stations can enable their broadcasts to work with the SoundHound app in a new way that gives not only the song information, but also attribution.

“While extending the station’s brand, it also extends branding awareness for advertisers and marketers who want to connect with those listeners through the mobile platform,” said Millie Mrvica, Westwood One’s general manager for Interactive.

When a listener uses the app to identify a song on a station that has implemented SoundHound for Radio, the app directs them to a branded station page including content, a contest, or coupon engagement opportunities. Stations can create and manage ad campaigns, all of which can be sponsored, and include graphics, logos and links to advertisers. The platform also offers analytics to track campaign results, including the number of clicks to the campaign and how it was shared on social media and other channels.

“We view the ability to identify broadcast as transformative to an entire industry because we have, in essence, made ‘radio clickable,’” said Katie McMahon, vice president and general manager, SoundHound Inc. “This gives radio the ability to keep engaging with their listeners on mobile, and to monetize that experience.”

The SoundHound for Radio platform is available to local radio stations as of June 15.