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WFAE Goes IBOC With Dielectric DCBR Antenna

WFAE Goes IBOC With Dielectric DCBR Antenna

WFAE(FM) in Charlotte, N.C., has been multicasting its digital signal into three streams, using Broadcast Electronics transmission gear and a new Dielectric antenna.
Dielectric said the digital cavity-backed radiator improves the analog signal pattern for the noncom station, believed to be the first pubcaster in the state to convert to HD Radio.
WFAE previously used a side-mounted directional antenna on a large-face tower with multiple rental clients. The large face of the tower caused significant pattern compromises, especially for a side-mounted antenna, the supplier stated.
Jay Martin of Dielectric said that with the new antenna, WFAE can implement IBOC efficiently with enough bandwidth to support unrestricted performance.
Dielectric performed the tower structural analysis, tower strengthening and installation, including antenna and transmission line.
Tim Warner, P.E., is WFAE’s consulting engineer.